Lean-Agile Enterprises is proud to support the upcoming release of the book, “Shift: From Product to People” co-written by Michael Dougherty and Pete Oliver-Krueger.

Shift Book Cover


The book, “Shift: From Product to People” will lead you into a journey into an Innovation Center of a fictitious major financial institution when they get impacted with digital disruption from a smaller and leaner new competitor.  Expect to relate to many of the people, especially if you have been in software delivery as a coach, product manager or team member.  We bring in advanced concepts for mature teams and help them focus on better ways to delight people by solving their problems.

Join Us For Early Access

You may participate in the beta reader program and get access to new chapters as they are released!

As a beta reader, you will be able to provide the authors direct feedback on the book and also obtain the book before anyone else! Be among those who shape the future of this book!

Shift: From Product to People

The Third Way of Agile Adoption

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