How to Measure Technical Debt

So one of the biggest challenges I’ve repeatedly heard about technical debt is that although the delivery team knows it exists, there is no easy way to measure the actual cost of technical debt.  However, there are ways to help bridge the unspecific to the specific. With technical debt, using a financial analysis of comparingContinue reading “How to Measure Technical Debt”

Types of Technical Debt

There are three primary types of Technical Debt: Naïve technical debt Unavoidable technical debt Strategic technical debt Naïve technical debt is common where a specific best practice is not followed due to being unaware of the best design pattern, unfamiliar with naming convention, documentation guidelines or even coding guidelines such as following abstraction in developmentContinue reading “Types of Technical Debt”

Technical Debt Explained

This will be first in a series of blogs. Technical debt is an interesting term that has been formed in the IT industry in order to have non technical businesses understand the cost of building code in a manner that causes higher maintenance and increased barriers to changing. Technical debt is intended to have aContinue reading “Technical Debt Explained”