The Art of Removing Impediments

Been noticing in my career that one skill set Project Managers / Scrum Masters should master, but often don’t is the art of removing impediments.  This is not an easy skill to master and requires curiosity, courage, diplomacy, tenacity and a little bit of creativity and communication. Often removing impediments involves connecting the right peopleContinue reading “The Art of Removing Impediments”

Dual Track Scrum Summary

In my previous blogs of Dual Track Scrum (DTS), I cover the current expansion of Scrum to place more attention on building the right product through the means of a detailed, continuous discovery process tailored for developing better backlogs through multiple tools and techniques, such as story boards, feedback groups and surveys.  This is trackedContinue reading “Dual Track Scrum Summary”

Dual-Track Scrum: Initial Impressions

Recently, I attended a Meetup on Dual Track Scrum (DTS), presented by Aaron Sanders, and since unfamiliar with this new Agile flavor of delivery, have done some additional research on the topic and here are my initial impressions. Dual-Track scrum follows the principle that there should be continuous discovery by the product development team inContinue reading “Dual-Track Scrum: Initial Impressions”